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Don't Let Tooth Decay Get the Initiative

November 9, 2019
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Don't Let Tooth Decay Get the Initiative: 5 Reasons Why Regular Dental Checkups Are a Must

While a visit to the dentist in Herndon VA may not be everyone’s favorite idea of spending their time, it’s important to invest in your dental health. Remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and it’s no different when it comes to your teeth. Sadly, not too many people realize this, but fixing damage that could have been avoided is more expensive as well. Apart from that, there’s a myriad of other reasons:

1. Stop oral cancer while there’s still time to act

Oral cancer, if left unchecked, can reach a phase where it becomes life-threatening. Don’t let it come to this! Considering that you probably lack the proper training, you might very well miss the warning signs that would escape the trained eye of our experienced dentist Herndon VA. And the best part? The procedure doesn’t hurt one bit.

2. Prevent the onset of gum disease

Gum disease has various stages, and out trained dentists Herndon VA can help you get it under control before it gets out of hand. Don’t underestimate it – if left unchecked, your teeth may start falling out, so it’s important to take it with the amount seriousness it deserves. In case it reaches the final stage, restoring your dental health will leave quite a dent in your wallet, so it’s important to come sooner rather than later.

3. Find underlying problems with an X-ray

Wisdom teeth are often hard to spot with a naked eye. An X-ray, on the other hand, can detect them and correct the problem with the trained hands of a Herndon VA dentist. Additionally, X-ray is an instrumental tool to detect cysts, tumors, and bone decay. In the end, there’s no better way to stop diseases that show no early signs but are characterized by rapid progress.

4. Clean the plaque that’s easy to miss with a toothbrush

Regular tooth brushing is commendable, but sometimes, you can miss an important area in your mouth, resulting in plaque building up. Leave it there long enough, and the plaque will transform into tartar, which is significantly more challenging to get rid of. As you might have guessed, regular cleaning won’t cut as deeply into your wallet as getting a filling would.

5. Correct bad habits

By visiting our qualified dentists in Herndon VA, you will learn all there is to know about keeping bad habits in check and maintain good oral hygiene. Did you know, for example, how bad it is for your teeth to be chewing on ice? Or that nail biting, coffee, and red wine are all detrimental to your oral health? The purpose of visiting a dentist in Herndon VA is not for them to preach to you about it. Instead, by showing you the damage done by your bad habits, you will become more motivated to change them for the sake of your health.


In the end, you’ll see that a good portion of your dental health lies in your hands. So with that in mind, take some time off of your busy schedule and set an an appointment with your Herndon VA dentist today. Your teeth will thank you!

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