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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Pediatric Dentistry

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It's important for you to understand your dental care. We believe patients who are educated and informed about their oral health are not only more at ease during their treatment, but also take their dental care more seriously at home. Let our experts work with you to find the best options for treatment, and for continued health after your procedure. We hope to be your partner in finding the best options for oral health for you and your family. 

Dental work is often a source of anxiety for people, but it doesn't have to be! Our team will take the time to ensure that you are familiar with preparing and following up with your procedure. Remember- there's no silly question that you could ask us!

We've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions here to help you become more informed about our practice and our services. Feel free to browse through these questions to see if we've answered yours, and give us a call if anything is left unanswered at (703) 793-0291. Our expert team is always happy to address any concerns that you have about any of our procedures and therapies.

Pediatric Dentistry

Yes, we do! We are proud to be a provider of the Smiles for Children program through the Virginia Department of Medical Assistance Services. Smiles for Children covers diagnostic, preventative, restorative, and surgical dental procedures for Medicaid, FAMIS, and FAMIS Plus children up to age 21, as well as orthodontia services. The program also provides limited coverage for adults ages 21 and up, providing coverage for some medically necessary oral surgery services.

Enrollment in this program is automatic for any child covered by VA Medicaid, FAMIS, or FAMIS Plus. There is no special enrollment process or a separate dental coverage card. There are no out-of-pocket costs for your child's covered dental treatments through the Smiles for Children program.

This program covers a wide range of services in addition to exams and cleanings, including flouride treatments, sealants, extractions, anesthesia, crowns, root canals, x-rays, fillings, and oral disease services.

Coverage for adults over 21 years of age is extremely limited and includes extraction of teeth for severe abscesses that may complicate a medical condition or contribute to poor general health, as well as coverage of non-dental oral surgeries for birth defects, removal of cysts and tumors not related to your teeth, biopsies for possible malignancies within the mouth, and repair of traumatic wounds.

If you have any questions about covered treatments or need to schedule an appointment under the Smiles for Children program, call our office today.

Starting your child off right with the dentist is important. We recommend your child's first “well-baby” dental exam as soon as their first tooth grows in or no later than one year of age. Starting dental visits at a young age not only helps prevent dental caries in baby teeth but also teaches your child that a trip to the dentist is nothing to be afraid of.

Cavities in toddlers are becoming more prevalent, and it's important to treat these cavities, even in baby teeth. Untreated cavities can not only lead to pain, discomfort, and swelling, but baby teeth also serve important functions in ensuring your child's permanent teeth grow in properly.

If a baby tooth is lost early and the space is not maintained, permanent teeth can grow in improperly, resulting in crowded teeth, uneven gaps, and crooked teeth. Once the permanent teeth come in, the only way to fix these problems is through orthodontic treatment.

Many adults with a fear of dentists developed this fear as children. Keeping a positive attitude about the dentist, talking about good dental health with your kids, and creating a friendly relationship between your children and our dental staff will all help keep the chances of fear of the dentist from following them into adulthood. Dr. Ahmad also uses the "tell, show, do" method when performing dental procedures, helping your child to understand what is happening and allay their fear of the unknown.

If your child has their first tooth or is a year old and has not yet seen the dentist, call today to schedule their first visit.

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