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3 Reasons Why People Opt for Dental Implants

February 9, 2020
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3 Reasons Why People Opt for Dental Implants

As long as you don’t have any other pre-existing medical conditions that could interfere with the procedure, you’re likely to be a suitable candidate for dental implants.  We offer dental implants in Herndon, VA. Since they have the potential to improve your day-to-day functioning so much, now is the time to consider this powerful treatment option. If you’re still unsure, keep reading as we reveal 3 main reasons why so many people opt for it:

1. Dental implants do not decay

As any dentist in Herndon, VA will tell you, dental implants are made of titanium, a sturdy and durable material that does not decay. In certain aspects, it’s almost better than having your natural teeth, since you won’t have to worry about acid degradation or bacteria building up in your mouth. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking that you won’t have to maintain them just because they’re cavity-resistant, lest you risk experiencing bone loss or gum disease. While this is still something that dental care in Herndon VA can fix, it’s best to avoid it altogether by keeping your teeth in good shape.

2. They are almost as good as natural teeth

Sometimes, there is little else to do than pull out the tooth in question. Our practitioners on cosmetic dentistry in Herndon VA can vouch for dental implants, as they are the closest thing to having a complete natural teeth replacement. Furthermore, by opting for dental implants, you’ll also be preserving the health of your dental bones. The reason being is that maintaining the bone levels is an important aspect of your overall dental health, and dental implants are designed to absorb the force in an equal manner.

3. They are compatible with other types of treatment

For instance, there are no issues whatsoever to go for teeth whitening after getting dental implants. This is because they are designed to sit on top of the gums and get supported by the bone underneath. Unlike dentures that can get loose as time goes on, dental implants are as sturdy as they can be. Call us today to schedule teeth whitening in Herndon, VA.

Ask your dentist to see if you’re a suitable candidate

The chances of you being a suitable candidate are rather high, but if you want to make sure, it’s best to get in touch with your local dentistry to confirm. Either way, this is the fastest way to develop your customized plan of action and restore your day-to-day functioning as quickly as possible.


Dental implants will greatly improve the function of your teeth, thus making your daily life more enjoyable. Once again you’ll be able to take a bite of your favorite meal without worrying about something cracking or getting loose inside your mouth. So what are you waiting for? Go get your dental implants Herndon VA today!

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