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5 Things You Can Do to No Longer Fear Going to the Dentist

June 22, 2020
Posted By: ToothDocDental

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5 Things You Can Do to No Longer Fear Going to the Dentist


Visiting the dentist for regular checkups in your local area is a must to keep dental problems at bay before they get out of hand. But unfortunately, too many patients are reluctant to do it, because their past experiences have been unpleasant or due to other reasons that are often of psychological nature. Despite the fact that everyone is different, here are 5 universal things you can do that will make visiting your dentist in Herndon VA a more pleasant experience:


1. Find the right dentist


Not all dentists Herndon VA treat their patients the same way. Some will listen to you and some won’t – that’s just the way it is. But by finding the right dentist to call your own, someone who understands your needs and treats you with respect, there’s a whole world of difference that can open up to you. While there’s no single formula you can apply to find one, the way you’re being treated, coupled with your gut feel, can hardly steer you wrong.


2. Be open about your fears


If you’re open and communicative about your fears, you’ll find that dentists in Herndon VA will often lend you an attentive ear. In fact, it’s best to come out with whatever is bothering you as soon as possible. That way, your dentist Herndon VA can accommodate and devise a custom-tailored treatment plan just for you. If you’re feeling excessive pain during a certain point of the treatment, you can ask them to stop for a brief while to rejuvenate your strength.


3. Bring someone with you


Bringing someone with you to your Herndon VA dentist of choice is completely okay, even if you’re already an adult. Whether it’s a friend or a family member, this should be more than enough to provide an extra layer of assurance to calm your mind.


4. Ask for sedatives


There’s nothing wrong with asking your dentist in Herndon VA if sedatives are appropriate during the procedure. Something as simple as a local anesthetic can completely transform the experience you might be having and make it into a more pleasant one. At the very least, it will be bearable, knowing that nothing can hurt so much that you won’t be able to take it.


5. Reward yourself at the end


While it may not feel like working since someone else is doing all the heavy lifting, the fact of the matter is that visiting a dentist takes a tremendous bit of courage, energy, and time. Therefore, rewarding yourself at the end of the ordeal is in order. So if you’re in shape to eat, treat yourself to a nice meal at a fancy restaurant or splurge away at the nearest shopping mall.




If you feel like none of these tips will cut it for you and your fears are deeply rooted within the confines of your psyche, consider talking to a professional. But for the vast majority of readers, these should suffice and get you on the right track to visiting your local dentist.

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